I Help Women 40+ lose fat to transform their bodies, gain more confidence, and get control of their lives!

It’s time to break free of feeling like a prisoner in your own body

I help overwhelmed mothers lose fat and gain control of their lives.

Women’s bodies change! Not only are you facing the demands of running your family and possibly your career, but your body seems to be working against all of your efforts. The battle may have you feeling like its a lost cause. You’ve tried “everything” and they work for a short time, but then you are back into the same position and just more frustrated than before. At Kimberly Joy Coaching, I partner with women just like you. I help you gain control of your life and health through proven life-long techniques including comprehensive lab analysis and personalized nutrition and fitness plans.

Take Control of
Your Body

Take Control of
Your Stress

Take Control of
Your Life

Getting Started is Simple:

1. Schedule a Consultation

This 30 minute call will help me understand your unique challenges and to identify if I am a good fit for your personalized needs. If we are a great fit, I will explain my program and develop a plan to get you started.

2. Book your Initial Appointment Call

We take about an hour together to fully understand your needs in great detail. At the end of the call we will have developed your first steps to start taking control of your life again. This path will be be individually tailored to meet your speed, lifestyle and goals for your greatest success!

3. Take Control
Feel the Results

Through weekly calls, regular check-ins, and reasonable daily activities and lifestyle choices, you will feel in control of your body, fight the effects of your changing hormones, and give you the renewed energy you need to live a vibrant life!

Have you given up on your goals more than once and feel deflated and defeated?

Does this sound familiar? You have tried all sorts of diets, workout plans, and nutritional products and get some results, only to find yourself back to where you started or even worse than where you started? You aren’t alone! There is only so many times you can go down that road before you simply give up and tell yourself the lie that where you are is your destiny. Maybe you have even tried drastic calorie restrictive diets, fasting, or even looked into medical and pharmaceutical solutions. Either way, you are tired of being sick, tired, and overweight.


At Kimberly Joy Coaching I work with you, your DNA profile, and your busy life to help you take back control. I help you understand the way your body is designed and genetically coded to help you finally break free. Without the right tools and understanding of how your body is wired, many of the steps you take to lose weight are probably doing more harm than good. It’s time to stop fighting the wrong battles and get living!

Kimberly Joy Coaching
Will Help You:

-Reduce Stress

-Feel Good in Your Own Body

-Understand Your Motivators and Roadblocks

-Get Better Sleep

-Take Control of Cravings

-Find Joy in Fitness and Food Without Guilt or Overwhelm

Stop wasting time worrying or accepting the lies, you can overcome and be victorious in your health.
Don’t let the “business side” of being a mom and wife suck the life out of you.

When you optimize your nutrition, sleep, and energy output you gain control of your life and can be more for yourself, your family, and your friends.

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